​Hobby Insider boasts several industry leaders as members.  Here are a few high profile members that have monitored the online discussion about the In The Game (ITG) Print Run Controversy (userid in parenthesis):

  • Dr. Brian Price (bprice)

​​          Former owner of ITG

  • Dan Hurst (tmlfan67)

​​          Former Brand Manager at ITG

  • Gregg Kohn (LeafGregg)
    Director of Product Development   at Leaf Trading Cards

  • Brian Gray (LeafCeo)

          CEO of Leaf Trading Cards

  • Chris Barr (vegaspuck)

          Brand Manager at Panini

  • Stephen Laroche

​​          Editor, Beckett Hockey

​          Former Brand Manager at ITG

 A Disturbance in the Hobby

Hobby Insider (HI) is a prominent online community with a focus on the hockey trading card hobby.  

On May 31, 2015, HI member webottew posted a thread sharing their collection of 6 copies of the 2012-13 In The Game (ITG) Heroes and Prospects - Gold Patch card of Justin Bailey (M-03).  Only 5 copies of this card are stated to exist, according to the ITG Official online checklist.

Since the original thread creation, the discussion has seen:

  • more than 600 replies!
  • replies from more than 100 different HI members!
  • over 30,000 views!!!

Although representatives from ITG have monitored this discussion, there has been NO official explanation for the existence of the 6th Bailey patch or the other checklist and print run discrepancies that have been uncovered by HI Members. (update)

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