It is generally accepted that In The Game (ITG) produced/printed more cards than the quantity listed on the checklist.  The extras would be used for Quality Control damage returns and redemption promotions (ie, Expo Stamped programs).  However, these 6 particular cards are not stamped and have no differentiating marks to indicate that they were not all inserted into the hobby product.  How many copies of this card actually exist?  Are other player cards affected in this set?  How many other ITG products are affected??

Although representatives of ITG have been aware of this situation since May 2015, there has been no official explanation to collectors.  Why has ITG remained silent?  What is the actual impact of this situation? (update)

Beckett Hockey is also aware of this situation.  Why are they choosing NOT to report the story to their readers? (update)

The 6 of 5 Bailey Gold Patch Cards

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Here is the ​2012-13 ITG Heroes & Prospects Memorabilia PSA POP Report

Here are the individual PSA Certificates for the 6 of 5 Bailey Patches: